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Wholesale Green Bean - 60kg sacks; home roasters contact us for smaller lots

Wholesale Green Bean - 60kg sacks; home roasters contact us for smaller lots

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Wholesale green beans available to ship or pick at our Seattle, WA warehouse. 

60kg sack, grain-pro bagged. 

Shipping can be arranged and quoted at time of order.

USD$750 / CAD$1,000 per bag.  Approximately USD5.70/lb 

Price applies to minimum quantity 1 x 60kg bag to 4 bags.  Price breaks for 5+ bags apply.  Contact us for more detail and availability

Home roaster small quantities available:  contact us directly for pricing and shipping.

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  • The Tenenga Community is made up of 220 small holder farmers working together in the mountains high above the beautiful and fertile Waghi Valley Papua New Guinea in the Western Highlands Province

  • Roast  Light Roasted for those who want to enjoy the complex & unique fruity flavours

    Brew Method Recommended  Pour over, french press

    Process  Pulped Natural  

    Altitude  1500-1800 masl

    Variety  Typica, Bourbon, Arusha, Mundo Novo, Caturra 

    Fermentation  Aerobic 16-hour fermentation time

    Drying  Sun Dried 14 days

    Tasting Notes  Slight floral aroma, tropical fruity complex, candy floss, chocolate, banana, full body

About the Farmers

Introducing Paul from Tenenga

Paul and 5 other farmers came together into a larger group they call Tenenga, meaning ‘It's our own.' Their generosity has been demonstrated as they invited a group of remote mountain families without school or health care access, to come down to farm with them and send their kids to school.  Easy to love, hard to forget.

Hear Paul's Thank You

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