Introducing Paul

Paul, with 5 other farmers from Ambra Community, formed a larger group they call Tenenga, meaning ‘it's our own.’  Their generosity has been demonstrated as they invited a group of remote mountain families without school or health care access to come down to farm with them and send their kids to school.

Tenenga is made up of 220 small holder farmers working together in the mountains high above the beautiful and fertile Waghi Valley Papua New Guinea in the Western Highlands Province at high altitudes between 1,500-1,800 meters above sea level.

Paul, thank you message in Pigeon (PNG trade language)

Introducing Emma Wakpi

Emma manages the Jiwaka Coffee Ltd. mill and works directly with the farmers we buy from. Emma holds a Master’s degree from Perth, Australia and is one of the most respected woman coffee advocates in PNG. We support her “profit for a purpose” ethos:  we are committed to quality coffee, long-term thriving communities sustained through trainings related to agriculture, public health, economic and social development.  Emma's vision is to facilitate health, harmony and productivity in the communities so that they are better equipped to pursue activities that add value to the living standards of their families and dignity to each person regardless of age, gender or education level.

More About Her Coffee Process

Hear Emma's vision for her community

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