Get To Know Amamas

  • What Does Amamas Mean?

    Amamas translation from Melanesian Pidgin (PNG trade language) means ENJOYMENT, feeling joyful… We hope you enjoy the fruits of the labour of an amazing group of motivated small coffee farmers.

    100% of profits are returned to PNG to support the community development work Emma leads in her region

  • Get to know JCL in Papua New Guinea

    Amamas Coffee Inc. buys exclusively from Jiwaka Coffee Ltd.  Both companies are social enterprises with a commitment to better the economic and social development of farmers in Jiwaka and Western Highlands Provinces of PNG through personal connection and training.  

    JCL recently undertook the massive task of installing a new specialty process eco mill. The ‘waterless’ process ensures that no polluted water from fermentation is returned to ground water and streams.  Environmental sustainability is a core value in this area of lush forests, crystal waterfalls and birds of paradise.

    JCL works with a small group of farmers from high elevation villages in Waghi Valley of PNG. Their small, 100% natural coffee gardens grow on their traditional lands under the canopy of lush rainforests in rich volcanic soils.  We offer maximum traceability and direct connection to each farmer who participates in community development projects.

  • Get To Know Emma Wakpi

    The JCL mill owner-manager is Emma, longtime family friend and a local to Jiwaka province, who holds a Master’s degree from Perth, Australia.  One of the most respected and articulate woman coffee advocates in PNG, she builds on the coffee-growing heritage of generations. She has added the uniqueness of a social enterprise rooted in exceptional coffee, her dedication to the future of local farm families and respect for the planet. We support her “profit for a purpose” ethos:  we are committed to quality coffee, long-term thriving communities sustained through trainings related to agriculture, public health, economic and social development.  By facilitating dialogue and training, Emma is empowering farmers to assess and plan for their broader development needs. Our collective vision is to facilitate health, harmony and productivity in the communities so that they are better equipped to pursue activities that add value to the living standards of their families and dignity to each person regardless of age, gender or education level. The longer term vision is to fund trainers and development throughout the PNG provinces through Emma’s association with the Christian Health Services Community Health Education program, called EDEN (Effective Development Empowering the Nation) which encompass 85% of rural PNG. 

  • Get to Know Bill and Sharon Bieber

    The Biebers have spent many years working in health and development initiatives in Papua New Guinea, both with missions and the government Department of Health.  As such, this country holds a special place in their lives, and their passion is to see abundant communities.  Working with Medical Ambassadors for the past 23 years, they have trained others in the process of Community Health Education (CHE). Bill is a (now retired) medical doctor, Sharon an educator and they reside most of the year on their small farm near Calgary, Alberta. They have two children and five grandchildren. They, along with their son Tim, started Amamas Coffee Inc as a Social Enterprise to partner with Emma and JCL to bring a farmer-direct marketing of PNG coffee to North America.  All profits are returned to help the PNG communities.

  • Get to Know Tim and Kristi Bieber

    Having spent all his primary school years in Papua New Guinea, Tim is excited to have reason to keep involved there and to contribute his skills to see farmers and their families thrive.  He is by training and experience skilled in helping businesses in their start up and scaling phase. Learning about the specialty coffee industry, from the tree to the cup, the farmer to the café, has been a new challenge that he has taken on with characteristic enthusiasm.  Tim is married to Kristi, and they have 3 children and live in Vernon BC.

  • Our Collective“Coffee with Purpose” Vision  commits us to:

    -quality coffee,  produced with fairness and respect for everyone in the chain

    -long-term thriving health for all; physical, social, economic, spiritual, emotional. 

    -dialogue and self-discovery to empower families and communities to assess and plan for their needs using their locally available crops and resources

    -harmony and productivity adding value to living standards of families, and dignity to each person regardless of age, gender, education level or ability

    -enhancing Emma’s association with CHE in PNG, called EDEN, Effective Development Empowering the Nation

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